Sustainable Fine Art Landscape Photography

Sustainability is a Fundamental Prerequisite for GEMcam Fine Art Photography and the Purpose for
Sharing the Experience of Magic Moments of Nature

GEMcam Fine Art Photography Walks the Walk and Supports Sustainability along Two Main Paths:
Acting Sustainably and Giving Back to Increase Sustainability More Broadly

Increase of sustainability of GEMcam Fine Art Photography

Gero Matt aims at practicing his profession of Fine Art Landscape Photography in a sustainable way. From traveling to the locations around the world as well at the locations he tries to focus on environmental and social sustainability. He will minimize detraction of nature by mindful behavior. He will minimize his CO2 footprint by being senseful with travel, leveraging low-CO2 means of transport, existing public transport, by grouping travel. The remaining CO2 footprint Gero Matt aims to neutralize with respective CO2 certificates.

Sharing the benefit of GEMcam Fine Art Photography with Nature

Gero Matt makes a clear commitment to safeguard nature. Gero Matt shares his benefit from his profession as Landscape Photography with where it is coming from: to the places where he was lucky to experience and capture magic moments.
Gero Matt commits to donate 30% of his revenues, i.e. after taking off direct costs including agency and commission costs, printing production costs and logistic cost, as well as 10% of revenues for operational costs (e.g. internet presence, webhosting, insurance).
For now, Gero Matt will donate the respective amount per sale of his art – so anyone deciding to buy GEMcam Fine Art Photography will be able to know, to where exactly the money will go.
Most of the time the donation will go directly to the National Park organisations where he was able to spend time, or close by non-profit organisations focusing on preservation of nature around.