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Peter’s devotion to artistic integrity and quality is endless. Sourced from the far ends of the world, only the finest artisan materials have been imported to complement his groundbreaking visions. From inception to completion, every item that leaves the LIK Fine Art facilities has been handcrafted to integrate solid construction with seamless beauty.

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The Artist and his expert team of designers are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards through infusing their limitless passion and determination into each custom-made selection. With four quality-control checkpoints at personal production hub in Las Vegas, no detail is unattended to throughout the entire process.

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For over 35 years, r has been blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology in order to produce fine art photography of unsurpassable quality for collectors and fans on every continent. The world around us comes into exceptional focus through the Artist’s epic ability to create crystal clear imagery of its most hidden treasures.

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Edition Integrity

The Program was designed to ensure the security and genuineness of every Art Limited Edition and Artist Proof and to minimize the risk of forgery or duplication. A serialized and numbered hologram is placed on the face of the Certificate of Authenticity and a second, identically numbered hologram is applied to the Versa Certificate found on the back of the edition. A third identically numbered hologram is stored at the Headquarters along with collector paperwork. This combination of serialized holograms ensures the genuineness of each Art Edition.

HIGH DEFINITION ARTIST PROOFS LIK Fine Art’s High-Definition Artist Proofs receive an extra level of security with an embedded edition number in the lower right hand corner of the artwork. This special feature can only be viewed with a 10x magnification loupe and is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

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Experience in homes

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Experience in homes

exclusive collection of awe inspiring fine art photography has been designed to completely transform the look of any interior space.